“A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people.”

Thomas Mann, novelist and winner of the 1929 Nobel Prize in Literature

Why Craft? Are we verb? Or are we noun? Well, we’re both.

To craft work is to commit to quality. To incrementally refine and assess, refine and assess, until you glimpse the finished piece coming into view.

But you must also respect the craft. The craft keeps you in the hunt, blocking shortcuts, dealing in tough love. Because when you respect it, the craft will reward you.

That’s why we believe craft transforms work that’s just okay, into work that’s just exceptional.

And we want to work with people who believe the same. 

If that’s you, we should chat

“Why do we do this? Surely there are easier ways to make a living.”

Plenty of the team have cracked this joke, toiling over a tricky piece of text. And it got us thinking. 

Sure, there are easier ways to make a living. But we don’t see what we do as making a living, we see what we do as living. 

Because what makes up our lives? Words, stories and ideas. Whatever you do, wherever you do it, words stories and ideas are stitched into your lives. They can inspire you, they can elevate you, they can empower you. 

So shouldn’t we work to make all our words, stories and ideas great?

It all starts with a chat

We love what we do. But there’s somewhere else we really want to take our words, stories and ideas. 

We want to use our experience and passion to open a writing centre for kids, here in Madrid. 

A place that uses words, stories and ideas to help kids build their self-confidence, stoke their self-respect and fire their imagination.

A place like Ministry of Stories or 826 Valencia. We’re not affiliated with these great organisations. We’re just inspired by them.

Why are building this place? Because as kids, words, stories and ideas were our salvation, our call to arms. And somewhere along the line we were all told to embrace these things, not to ditch them for ‘real work’. That gave us the lifelong gift of working with words, stories and ideas. 

We want to give that gift to a new generation. 

Because the world needs great writers, storytellers and thinkers. And we’ll work hard every day to try and be part of making that happen. 

Paul’s made a small start, teaching Digital Copywriting to Master’s students at Madrid’s IE University. Next we take words, stories and ideas to a younger audience. But we can’t do it alone. 

How can you help? Get in touch moonshot@craftcopywriting.com