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Why Craft?

Because we believe in the power of words – to build influence, to start movements, to spark emotion. So those words must be carefully considered.

We partner with you to understand what you’re trying to do, then we start crafting copy. And we keep crafting until you’re delighted with the result.

Craft transforms work that’s just okay, into work that’s just exceptional. And we only want to work with people who believe the same.

If that’s you, we should chat.

We're Craft

Our core team of writers and thinkers is committed to partnering with our clients to them make more successful by crafting exactly the right words. Every time. We’ve arrived here via shiny London advertising agencies, client-side secret missions, books on corporate storytelling and teaching copywriting to Master’s students.


Writes copy, develops and runs training, has ideas.


Writes copy, develops training, has engaging ideas.


Writes lots of copy, owns social media, has brilliant ideas.


Writes copy, shoots and edits film, has awesome ideas.


Writes copy, develops content, has fantastic ideas.


Writes copy, has great ideas, develops content.

Our wider family

Craft is a core team of writers and thinkers. But we also work with experts in many other fields so we can offer our clients a more complete service. It’s a growing family, but here are just a few of the extra skills we can offer.

Branding and Design

Orangery Creative We’ve been working with Orangery since 2017. From the very beginning it’s been a productive and enriching relationship and we’ve produced some lovely work together. It’s a joy to work with such talented and genuinely caring people. They even built this very site.

Presentation Design

Six Miles High After more than 15 years at Apple, Mark Robson set up his own growing design studio. Mark is a great design professional with an eye for detail and an ear for listening. If you need your next presentation to look amazing, you need to look here.

Marketing and Design

SoWhat Team Pedro Soler has been Executive Creative Director at several high-profile agencies here in Madrid. One of his favourite projects was the Barcelona Olympics. His new venture, SoWhat Team promises big things. We’ve been working with the wonderful team at SoWhat since 2018.

If you can bring something to the wider team, we’d love to hear from you.

Help us be better

We’re always happy to talk to anyone who can make the team even stronger. Is that you?

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