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We partner with you to help you do three main things…


We write audience-grabbing copy that engages people and moves them to action. We work in digital, print, social and everything in between.

Tone of Voice

Maybe your tone of voice needs some love. Maybe you don’t even have one yet. No problem. We’ll partner with you to help you develop a brand voice as unique as you are.

Training Workshops

We all write at work. Now more than ever. So our fun, interactive workshops help your teams write in a way that’s clearer, more natural and more effective. Whatever your business and whatever your objectives.

These are our three most popular workshops, but we’re happy to build something unique for you.

Write business English that does the business

All of us write even more at work now – emails, presentations, proposals. So let’s make sure everything we write at work is clear, concise and engaging. We’ll help your teams master the art of simple and effective communication. And we’ll have some fun along the way.

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Find your (tone of) voice

Your external and internal brand voice is a key part of how you’re perceived. We can help you understand the benefits of tone of voice in everything your business writes. We’ll show your teams how to make sure that all the words they write stay on brand. So you can build a stronger identity.

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Rock your presentation with narrative thinking

Persuading audiences through the power of presentation can be tough. But we can help. We’ll show you how to use the power of narrative thinking to give your presentation an engaging structure with powerful pay-off. Let’s say death to death by PowerPoint.

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Help us spark imaginations

We’re going to open a writing centre for kids here in Madrid. A place that uses words and stories to build self-confidence, stoke self-respect and fire imaginations.

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Let’s chat

All our projects start with a chat. Maybe you’re not entirely sure what you need, that’s fine, we’re happy to explore it with you.

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