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From the external perception of your brand to the everyday culture in your business, words shape the lot.

Your strategy, your messaging, your social media posts – even your preferred email sign-off. Any internal interaction on any given day – they’re all underpinned by words. Sounds obvious, we know. But these words have a huge impact on how people feel. They’re the difference between a smooth user flow and a ruined customer experience. They’re how you motivate an employee and keep your team productive.

So it’s important to make sure you’re using the right words.

Our brand messaging and verbal identity experts can give you control over how your brand is perceived and get people excited about it. We’ll advise on messaging and deliver the copywriting to go with it. Then we’ll support you through tailored training workshops developed to raise your awareness of the power of language.

Don’t worry, we’re not the grammar police here to collar any miscreants caught misusing the Oxford comma. And there’s no Death by PowerPoint.

Instead, we deliver a series of interactive training workshops featuring fun activities to put the spotlight on the words we use, the way we use them and the impact they have. Intentional or otherwise.

Why do we do it?

Our skills aren’t a secret code to be cracked. We love sharing tips and tricks on verbal identity and business writing with people who recognise the power of words. Because that’s what we’re passionate about.

We’re here to raise your awareness of the words we use, to raise your sensitivity to language, to take control of the effects we have on those around us every time we speak or write. After all, clear writing comes from clear thinking.

And we know of no brand in the world that wouldn’t benefit from clear thinking.

This is a chance for your teams to get involved and discover the importance of language for themselves. It’s an opportunity to roll out your verbal identity and create consistency across departments. Above all, our training workshops are about helping your people to communicate clearly at work.

Which will always have a positive impact on your business.

How can we help?

We all write at work. So our fun, engaging training workshops help your teams write in a way that’s clearer, more natural and more effective. Whatever your audience and whatever your objectives. These are our three most popular training workshops…

Write business English that does the business

All of us write at work – emails, presentations, proposals. So let’s make sure everything we write is clear, concise and engaging. We’ll help your teams master the art of simple and effective communication. And we’ll do it in a way that’s fun.Get in touch

Find your (verbal) identity

Your external and internal brand voice is a key part of how you’re perceived. We can help you understand the benefits of verbal identity in everything your business writes. We’ll show your teams how to make sure all the words they write stay on brand. So you can build a stronger identity.Get in touch

Writing for social media

Social can be huge for your brand. But writing for social media can be tricky with tight space limits and different approaches for different platforms. We’ll help you understand how to write social copy that’s engaging, clear and consistent.Get in touch

We’re also happy to build something unique for you. We can present in person or online, with a session just for you. Then we’ll keep working with you to review the writing your teams produce and make sure the lessons you’ve learned are shining through in all you do.

Why choose us?

We’ve got deep expertise in the tech space across brand messaging, verbal identity, copywriting and all the thinking that underpins those things. All this filters down into our practical and fun workshops.

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