Dunlop Sports: Journey for Perfection

How do you inform audiences of the pursuit of perfection shared by the brand and the player, through the lens of a new racket? We created a film that gave players a taste of the endless practice and incremental improvements behind that pursuit.

Journey for Perfection speaks to the endless quest that both the player and Dunlop undertake. As the player is constantly seeking to play better, so Dunlop is constantly seeking to make better equipment, to help players play better.

We partnered with Studio Tangerine to show this intertwined journey in a film featuring Wimbledon and US Open runner-up Kevin Anderson.

The film reflects the incredible levels of precision engineering that go into developing the CX series, to create a racket for every type of player. And it shows the relentless training that goes into the game of an elite-level player like Kevin.

ClientDunlop Sports/Studio TangerineServicesCopywriting, Tone of Voice, Scriptwriting

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