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Dunlop Sports

Reawakening a Sporting Giant


Dunlop Sports




Copywriting Tone of voice

How do you revitalise a former globally recognised leader in racket sports? We partnered with Orangery Creative to create a new identity to help revive the brand and show the world that Dunlop Sports is back in the game.

Our focus was the one thing that unites every player – the love of the game. Because sport belongs to everyone. Anyone who wants to play, can play. You just need the passion to play the game, to improve the game and to share the game. For the last century, it’s what’s kept Dunlop striving to perfect their products.

Together with Orangery Creative, we started by developing a new tone of voice for Dunlop Sports. We then wrote copy for the brand site, product copy and scripted the launch film that told the world, Dunlop was back in the game.

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