DACADOO: Making Healthcare Engaging

Dacadoo wanted to make its new health engagement platform accessible and enjoyable for all users.

We partnered with the fantastic team at frog design in Munich to meet the challenge. We created UX copy and architecture that was clear and straightforward. And we developed an energetic, encouraging and lighthearted tone of voice that made improving your health fun and inspirational Not scary or preachy.

“It was a pleasure to work with Paul. It didn’t even take a day for him to adapt to the frog way of working, which many find challenging. His great collaborative mindset and professionalism push the deliverable to the next level. He’s a great content strategist, writer and thinker who asks insightful questions to push the design. I’ve never worked with a writer who influences design so much. I cannot recommend him enough. Thank you, Paul.”

Seisho Manabe, Director, frog design

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