SECURITY & SAFETY THINGS: Leading the security camera revolution

Security & Safety Things is changing what security cameras are capable of. By adding apps to cameras, S&ST is revolutionising cameras the way Apple revolutionised smartphones.

We worked with the team at S&ST to help them define their offering and develop a coherent way of talking about what they did. Together we made the potentially confusing world of IoT and AI-enabled cameras seem simpler and more approachable.

We developed a brand tone of voice, brand site and various launch documents to help Security & Safety Things lead its IoT revolution.

“Straight away, we saw Craft’s work ethic and can-do attitude. There have been many big projects where we needed support and this took a lot of weight off our shoulders and could concentrate on more strategic decisions driving the projects.
Andrew Penfold, Digital & Content Marketing Manager

ClientSecurity & Safety ThingsServicesCommunications, Copywriting, Tone of Voice Development

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